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William Lychack

MFA in Creative Writing Faculty


 If it's true, as Saul Bellow said, that writers are readers moved to emulation, then surely teachers are students moved by a similar compulsion. I shudder to think where I'd be without Charlie, or Blanche, or Nick, or Ms. Forbath. Not a day goes by I don't think of some teacher, and still I cannot recall with confidence a single thing that even my best instructors taught me, except, perhaps, how to be in the world.

Maybe that was the greatest service they performed. The most affecting teachers became models for a kind of process - this process of being an artist or scholar - that strange, beguiling process of becoming oneself. The most gifted teachers were persistence and passion come to life, teaching an extension of their devotion as they paid the bills. The distinction wasn't lost on us: our finest instructors might want to teach, but they needed to do their science or philosophy. We sniffed for this authenticity - it's what we gossiped about - certain classrooms like sources of light.

How could one not wish to emulate such a life?

And on my best days, I find no way to separate my life as a student from my life as a writer from my life as a teacher. I'm not sure one can teach anyone how to write, but I believe one can show someone how to love to write. I preach generosity and clarity, because I struggle to find such qualities in my own work. I want my students to bring out the best in me, just as I need them to coax what's best from their writing.



Cargill Falls (2020)
The Architect of Flowers (story collection, 2011)
The Wasp Eater (2005)

Poems published in:

The Courant, The Alaska Quarterly Review and The Potomac Review

Reviews and Essays published in:  

The American Scholar, Life Magazine, Connecticut College Magazine, Chef Mateo Blog, The Rotarian Read, Laila Lalami Blog and Barnes and Noble


Inclusion in Best American Short Stories and The Pushcard Prize; Sherwood Anderson Fellowship, 2011; Discover Great New Writers Selection, Barnes & Noble, 2011; Christopher Isherwood Foundation Award, 2008; Editor's Choice, the New York Times Book Review, 2004.

Past Affiliations

Connecticut College, University of Michigan, University of Minnesota, Phillips Academy, Bread Loaf Writers' Conference, New England Review, Guideposts Magazine, Michigan Quarterly Review, The Pushcart Press, The Village Voice.


M.F.A., Fiction, University of Michigan
B.A., Philosophy, Connecticut College; Institute for European Studies, Vienna, Austria