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William Barowy

Associate Professor

Bill Barowy

Bill teaches physics and mathematics in the Natural Sciences and Mathematics Department.

He believes that learning is an ecological process, occurring between the ears, eyes, fingers and toes and among people, mediated by cultural and semiotic resources. A child reading a science book by herself is not learning alone. Over many years, scientists created the words and grammar that make up her book. The book itself is the product of print innovations. Chances are that many others have helped the child to the point where she can read the book. Should this child become a scientist, she too will contribute to advancing the field. Should she become an innovative teacher, she will improve how we teach science. In these ways, effective learning reshapes the cultural contexts that give rise to it.

Education: PhD, University of Massachusetts, Amherst; MS, University of Massachusetts, Amherst; BS, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Selected Publications

  • Communication and Conceptual Understanding in Physics, William Barowy (2012) 45nd Annual Meeting of the New England Educational Research Organization, Portsmouth, NH.
  • Experience, Activity and Language, William Barowy (2010) 42nd Annual Conference of the New England Educational Research Organization, Portsmouth, NH.
  • Barowy, W. and, J. Activity and Language in Advanced Graduate Study, William Barowy and Joan Thormann, (2008) International Society for Cultural and Activity Research (ISCAR) San Diego, CA
  • Ecology and Development in Classroom Communication, William Barowy and Jeanne Elser-Smith, Linguistics and Education, 19, 149-165, (2008)doi:10.1016/j.linged.2008.05.004.
  • The Complex of School Change: Personal and Systemic Co-development. William Barowy and Cindy Jouper, Mind, Culture and Activity, 11(1), 9 - 24, (2004) doi: 10.1207/s15327884mca1101_2