Veronica Quillien

Assistant Professor, Early Childhood

Headshot of Veronica Quillien

Dr. Quillien is an Assistant Professor in the Graduate School of Education at Lesley University, teaching in the Early Childhood Education programs.  

Veronica Bayiha nwa Quillien is a daughter of the Bàsàa people of Cameroon. She is an ethnocinematographer, graphic novelist, entrepreneur and academic. She is the producer of several cultural expressions centering Indigenous African knowledge philosophy and pedagogy.


BA, Speech Communication, University of Wisconsin-Superior
MA, Intercultural Relations, University of the Pacific
PhD, Curriculum and Instruction, Culture and Teaching, University of Minnesota

Selected Cultural Expressions

  • Likinè, S. (2019). Weaving the Web to Keep the Fire Burning. [Documentary film].
  • Likinè, S., & AEA NN. (2018). Elephant Love. [Music album]
  • Likinè, S., Lovitz, M., & AEA NN. (2018). An Adventure of Bea the turtle: Kul, Ndjéé ni nyañ. [Animation]
  • Likinè, S.; Ño Lep; Quillien, J-B & Vang, C. (2018). Bòg. [Card game].
  • Likinè, S. (2017). Creative Reflections. [Zine].
  • Likinè, S. (2017). Litorè i Ntoñ. [Children’s comic book].
  • Likinè, S. (2017). Without my consent. [Ceramics].
  • Likinè, S. (2017). The ArtiVist as guardian of tradition. [Wood sculpture].
  • Likinè, S., Lep, Ñ., Nyunai Ngan, G., & Beyem Gouong, G. (2015). Yigil i mam ma loñ (Reclaiming Roots). [Graphic novel].

Selected Presentations

  • Quillien, V. & Quillien, J-B. (November 5-7, 2021). Let’s improve our cultural self-awareness to respond to the needs of Black, Indigenous and Immigrant communities. Minnesota Council on the Teaching of Languages and Cultures.
  • Quillien, V., Schwedhelm, M. C., Maynor, C., Brener, P. & Mohamed, D. (November 5-7, 2021). Language Attitude’s Culturally Sustaining Toolkit with Minneapolis Public Schools. Minnesota Council on the Teaching of Languages and Cultures.
  • Quillien, V. (January 2021). The Cultural Exploration & Expressed Tool: Growing Cultural Self-awareness. Faculty Development Days [topic: Teaching Today: Equity, Strategies and Community]. Anoka Ramsey Community College. Minneapolis, MN.
  • Quillien, V. (November 2020). Collective Storytelling: Creative Reflection and Musical Creativity. School of Education International Training and Education Program. American University. Washington, DC.