Terrence Keeney

Associate Professor
Ph.D In Educational Studies

terrence kenney

Terry has a joint appointment: Graduate School of Education's Ph.D. Program in Educational Studies, Adult Learning and Development Specialization; and College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Division of Psychology and Affiliated Therapies. His BA is in Psychology from the University of California, Berkeley, and his Ph.D. is in Psychology and Human Development from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. He is the recipient of a Fulbright-NATO Post-doctoral fellowship, University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

He has served as faculty at the University of California, Riverside; Antioch University campuses in San Francisco, CA, Monterey, CA, and Santa Barbara, CA; Goddard College; and Lesley University

His academic administration positions have been as associate dean, University of California, Riverside; academic dean, Antioch University West; academic dean, Goddard College; dean of the Adult Baccalaureate College, Lesley University; and dean of the Art Institute of Boston, Lesley University.

Dr. Keeney is interested in how, when, and why people form, alter, and transform their frames and beliefs about themselves, others, and the world. He utilizes the perspectives of psychology, human development, education, philosophy, somatics, visual arts, and esoteric studies in this investigation of cognition, meta-cognition, learning and development. As an integral aspect of this investigation, he is interested in “how we know," understood in its broadest possible meaning to include intuition, hunches and implicit knowledge, as well as the more recognized scientific methods. He believes that all these methods can be pursued with rigor and integrity and interpersonal and interspecies respect and responsibility.

Education: BA, University of California at Berkeley; PhD, University of Minnesota

Selected Presentations

Presentation: "Learning through Action: The Evolution of a Ph.D., Program in Adult Learning and Development" at the Council on Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) International Conference, Washington, DC, November 9, 2012.

Self-constructed learning: Situations and technology for enhancing lifelong learning. International Technology, Education and Development Conference, Valencia, Spain, 2010

Chaos, Creativity and Play, Adult Higher Education Alliance, Annual Conference, Mobile, AL, 2008

Nature Consciousness, Building the Scientific Mind International Conference, Vancouver, BC, 2007

Non-traditional Leadership, Adult Higher Education Alliance Conference, Asheville, NC, 2004