Tatiana Cruz

Assistant Professor of American History

Faculty Tatiana Cruz smiling

Dr. Tatiana Cruz joins the Humanities Division as Assistant Professor of American History. She successfully defended her dissertation at the University of Michigan in August – Congratulations to the new Dr. Cruz! While at Michigan, she helped found the United Coalition of Racial Justice. She promises to be a great fit for Lesley University, as her research interests, teaching philosophy, and social justice activism all dovetail with our institutional mission. An up-and-coming scholar who engages with African-American, Latina/o, women’s, and social movement history—not to mention ethnic and urban studies, as well as critical race theory—Dr. Cruz will serve the Humanities Division in multiple capacities. Moreover, the focus of her research is located in the Boston area, which will likely yield not only future scholarship on her part but many opportunities for Lesley students to participate in local history projects and/or linked public history course offerings. Her dissertation, entitled “Boston’s Struggle in Black and Brown: Racial Politics, Community Development, and Grassroots Organizing, 1965–1985,” is groundbreaking scholarship—the first multiracial study of Boston’s African-American and Latino communities in the post civil rights era.