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Nancy Carlsson-Paige

Professor Emerita

Nancy Carlsson Paige

Dr. Carlsson-Paige's work at Lesley spanned 30 years, during which she taught teachers and was a founder of the university's Center for Peaceable Schools. She is now a prolific author and speaker, focusing on media and technology, early childhood, peaceable classrooms, and education reform. According to her website's biography, she is "an advocate for education policies and practices that promote social justice and the well being of all children."

Her speaking venues include the National Association for the Education of Young Children Conference, Project Renewal Ground Zero Conference, Center for Peaceable Schools, and National Association for the Education of Youth.

Among her awards are the Peace Educator of the Year (Peace and Justice Studies Association), Robert F. Kennedy Children's Action Corps Award, Outstanding Educator Award (Urban College of Boston), and the Outstanding Contribution to Women award (Cambridge YWCA). In 2013, she was given a lifetime achievement award by the American Academy of Education Arts and Sciences.


BS, Syracuse University
MS, Lesley College
EdD, University of Massachusetts

Selected Publications

  • "Taking Back Childhood: A Proven Roadmap for Raising Confident, Creative, Compassionate Kids"
  • "War Plan Dilemma: Balancing Needs and Values in the Early Childhood Classroom," with Diane E. Levin
  • "Who's Calling the Shots?: How to Respond Effectively to Children's Fascination with War Play and War Toys," with Diane E. Levin
  • Before Push Comes to Shove: Building Conflict Resolution Skills with Children," with Diane Levin
  • "Best Day of the Week;" "Helping Young Children Understand Peace, War, and the Nuclear Threat." 
  • "Is Technology Sapping Children's Creativity?"
  • "My View: Obama, Romney Need to Know One Thing about Early Childhood Education: Start Over."

Selected Presentations

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