Linda Brennan

Instructor of Consumer Education and Personal Finance, Threshold Program

617.349.8181 x.3108

Linda is the Instructor of Consumer Education and Personal Finance for the Threshold Program.  She teaches courses which specialize in independent living.  Her main objective is to educate her students so they may become informed consumers and financially responsible upon graduation.  She has been a member of the Threshold faculty for the past 25 years. At Lesley, she teaches the following courses: Consumer Education Class and Lab, Personal Finance Class and Lab, and The Bridge Program - Personal Finance.

In conjunction with teaching, Linda has worked in the business world as a marketing director for a funding company, and presently, she is a Massachusetts Real Estate Broker, offering services to her clients. In addition, she  restores properties in the Boston and surrounding areas.  During the past 20 years, Linda has been an advisor for past graduates of the Threshold Program, and other young adults with learning disabilities, that may be seeking housing, employment or social services.

She holds a BS from Salem State College, M.Ed. from Boston University, and a Certificate from Boston Business School. 


  • Keynote speaker for Big Sister Association of Greater Boston
  • Speaker for the Women’s Leadership Forum (The Ad Club) Award
  • Speaker for the Pathway Program (MCI-Framingham Correctional Institute)
  • Keefe Technical/Vocational School
  • Workshops for the Transition Year Program at Lesley University