Krista Digregorio

Director of Alumni and Employment Services, Threshold Program

Krista DiGregorio

Courses Developed/Taught : 

  • Food Lab
  • Job Search Techniques
  • Career Planning online course- How to Get the Job You Want
  • Threshold Alumni hybrid course – Cooking around the World with Threshold


  • B.S. SUNY Buffalo, Business Management, Concentration in Human Resources
  • M.S. Northeastern University, Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling


Krista has spent her career working with job seekers facing various barriers to employment.  She enjoys matching well-prepared Threshold job candidates with opportunities in the local community.  Krista joined the Threshold Program seven years ago and now oversees the Alumni Center including the post-graduate Bridge and Transition programs.  She continues to provide employment guidance and resources to Transition students and alumni.  Much of her time is also spent developing new relationships with local employers.


  • Parenting Special Needs Magazine, “Parenting your young adult through their first employment experiences.”
  • Exceptional Parent Magazine, “Helping Your Child with Autism Transition to Adulthood, the World of Work and Independence.”