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James Mason

Assistant Professor

photo of faculty member james mason


Ph.D. Sociotechnical Systems: Stevens Institute of Technology

MBA Global Business & General Management: Cornell University

About My Background

I am a system scientist focused on the intersection of human capital, social capital, entrepreneurship, and economic development as a complex adaptive system. I have 20 years of industrial experience working as a member of executive teams responsible for "organizational turnaround," where the fundamental objective across my various appointments has been to foster the growth of an innovation and continuous improvement culture within technical organizations – in response to mission critical competitive scenarios. I have performed this role across organization effectiveness, general management, and adult education assignments.

My Teaching at Lesley University

I teach courses in Global Business, Entrepreneurship, Decision Making, Business Models and Analytics, Business & Technology, Strategic Management, and Emerging Markets.

About My Research Interests

My research focus is the design and performance validation of enterprise-system value-network architectures – wherein portfolios of small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) are integrated & aligned with higher-level development objectives. My goal is to design and validate insights, structures and practices that support advances in quality of life among populations in low-income economies.

My work contributes conceptual frameworks and process models that serve to reduce entrepreneurial risk and assure stakeholder-vested social outcomes – while enabling social entrepreneurship efforts to address grand challenges and achieve meso-economic scale and impact on quality of life.


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Working Papers

  • RMDI, Design, Implementation, and Impact Analysis
  • CMDI, Rationale, System Architecture, and Simulated Impact
  • “Elaboration and Validation of the Architecture of an Extended Enterprise System as a Platform for Redressing Wicked Problems”
  • A Bibliometric Analysis of the Growth of Interdisciplinarity in Systems Engineering
  • “A Generalized Model for Social Entrepreneurship Governance in the Extended Enterprise”
  • “A Human Capital Supply Chain Model for Accelerating Strategically Targeted Workforce Development in Low Income Developing Economies”