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David Nurenberg

Associate Professor

David Nurenberg

As an associate professor of education and core faculty in the Middle and High School programs in the Graduate School of Education, David Nurenberg helps prepare the next generation of secondary school teachers to engage their students in learning, finding more effective alternatives to traditional lecture-based, skill-and-drill pedagogy.

David has taught high school humanities for 21 years and has had the privilege of working in suburban, urban, and international teaching and learning environments. David's dissertation, A study of the effects of peace education on academic achievement in an urban middle school, exemplifies his research focus—looking at ways in which student-centered, interdisciplinary, project-based learning can aid student learning and student socio-emotional well-being.

David is a coordinator for the G.L.O.B.E. (Global Learning Opportunities in Boston Area Education) consortium, which runs an interdisciplinary after-school course in Green Technology.

Comparative international education, and international school exchange, in particular, are other passions of David's. You can follow some of David's work with schools in Japan and in Turkmenistan.

David also consults for Boston area middle and high schools and invites you to contact him if you are interested in how he can help work with your school or district to meet your goals.

Education: BA, Brandeis University; MA, Tufts University; PhD, Lesley University

Selected Publications

May, 2020. "What Does Injustice Have to Do with Me?": Engaging Privileged White Students with Social Justice. Rowan & Littlefield Publishers.

Nurenberg, D. and Tong, J. (accepted, 2017). From the battle room to the classroom: Using Ender’s Game to engage high school physics students. Credited chapter in Greenhouse, P., Eisenbach, B. and Kaywell, J. Adolescent literature as a complement to the content areas. Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield (accepted for publication).

Nurenberg, D. (2016) Honoring all learners: The case for embedded honors in heterogeneous ELA classrooms. English Education, 48(2), 63-98.

Nurenberg, D. (2015). Inquiry and irony: Paradox and promise in Paul Jablon’s The Synergy of Inquiry. The High School Journal, 99(2), p.113-121.

Nurenberg, D. (2014) The power of positive affinity groups: A “sci-fi” solution to bullying. American Secondary Education.(42)3, 5-17. 

Nurenberg, D. (2011). What does injustice have to do with me? A pedagogy of the privileged. Harvard Educational Review (81)1, 50-64.

Nurenberg, D. (2010). It takes more than saying "honey" to make your mouth sweet -- The necessity of multiparty cooperation to promote peace in a US-Turkmen student exchange program. Multicultural Review (19)3, 17-44.


Nurenberg, D. (2018) What does injustice have to do with me? The challenges of teaching privileged students. Washington DC: TEDx Ed Dupont Circle. March 24, 2018.

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