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Clara Ronderos


Clara Ronderos

Clara's main areas of research are women's writing and transatlantic studies of nineteenth century Hispanic literature. Her interests in translation, feminist and postcolonial theories guide her research and her teaching. Poetry as a genre is central to her creative writing and academic careers. At Lesley she teaches Latin American, Peninsular Spanish and World literatures as well as the Spanish language. She engages students in reading and discussion of cultural, political, gender and aesthetic issues in the literary text and in the process of language acquisition. A native speaker of Spanish, she is also fluent in English and French and has studied Italian, German, Latin and Greek. Languages have been a passion which she is eager to share with her students. Her latest creative writing publications include two volumes of poetry De Reyes y Fuegos, Madrid: Editorial Torremozas, 2018 and Después de la Fábula, Madrid: Editorial Verbum, 2018.


Recent Books

Ronderos, Clara Eugenia. Después de la fábula. Madrid: Verbum. 2018.

Ronderos, Clara Eugenia. De Reyes y Fuego. Madrid: Torremozas, 2918.

Ronderos, Clara Eugenia. Ábrete Sésamo. Madrid: Torremozas, 2016.

Ronderos, Clara Eugenia. Translation Mary G. Berg and C. E. Ronderos. The Poetry of Clara Eugenia Ronderos Seasons of Exile. New York: Mellen Publishers, 2015.

Ronderos, Clara Eugenia. Raíz del Silencio. Bogotá: Editorial Universidad de los Andes, 2012.

Ronderos, Clara Eugenia. Estaciones en Exilio. Madrid: Editorial Torremozas, 2010.


Recent Articles

Ronderos, Clara Eugenia. “From Home to Home: Investigations on Dislocation” in Marjorie Agosin, editor, At Home: Essays of Place and Displacement. London: Solis Press, 2016.

Ronderos, Clara Eugenia. “Tú y yo nos comprendemos: El feminismo eco-crítico y Las mejores poetisas colombianas de la ‘Selección Samper Ortega’”. In Rebelión contra el olvido: mujeres escriben sobre escritos de mujeres. Cali: Editorial Universidad del Valle, 2016.