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Arlene Dallalfar

Professor Emerita

Faculty Arlene Dallalfar

Arlene retired in May 2018 after teaching at Lesley for 23 years. Her teaching and scholarship have been focused on examining sociology and feminist theory and pedagogy from a cross-cultural perspective.

Her areas of academic focus and expertise include: sociology, qualitative methodology and ethnography, diaspora and transnationality, gender and globalization, and film and advocacy. At Lesley, she has taught the following courses: Sociology of Family Gender and Globalization Global Social Change Film, Media and Advocacy Dimensions and Methods of Cultural Exploration II. 

Arlene holds a BA from Tufts University, and a MA and PhD from the University of California Los Angeles. 


  • (2011).Transforming Classroom Culture: Inclusive Pedagogical Practices, Edited by Dallalfar,A.; Kingston-Mann,E., Sieber,T. Palgrave Macmillan Press.  Also authored chapter in book titled “Teaching Women’s Lives: Feminist Pedagogy and the Sociological Imagination”.
  • (2010). “Negotiated Allegiances: Contemporary Iranian Jewish Identities” in Contemporary Studies of South Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, 30(2) 
  • (2009). “Fragments of Home: Identity and Empowerment from the Margin”. Crossing Borders, Making Homes: Stories of Resilient Women. Edited by Llera,D., Cathcart,D., Roffman,E. 2009. 
  • (2006). “North America: Economics Informal Sector: Gender Differentiation and the Informal Labor Market”. Encyclopedia of Women and Islamic Cultures. Vol.4; Brill Academic Publishers.