Angelica Pinna-Perez

Assistant Professor, Expressive Therapies

617.349.8310 x.8310
Faculty Angelica Pinna Perez

Angelica has worked as an actor/creator, creative arts therapist and psychotherapist, and social action activist engaging in community arts and community based mental health counseling since 2003. She has worked artistically, clinically and in advocacy in the US and abroad with an interest in transnational/transcultural and social justice expressive arts based work in the context of globalization.

She is committed to using creativity as a form of knowledge. Scholarly interests are in the application of expressive arts in the service of understanding, reframing, and making meaning of suffering, trauma and oppression in individual and social contexts. Her work intends to center the voices and activism of marginalized artistic voices that have limited structural power within the profession and their societies. She has used a multi-method approach from within the expressive arts to explore the links between expressive arts making processes/creating, transnational/transnational discourses, globalization, and indigeneity to help inform strategies and interventions that can contribute to inclusive and relational arts based practices. She uses frameworks informed by feminist liberation psychology, human rights discourse, decolonial feminism, and social justice to organize her research, teaching, and outreach. She identifies as a scholar-activist-artist and is committed to exploring how the study of racialized social structures can be practically relevant and foster clinical individual and social change using the expressive arts.

She is currently working on projects exploring: (1) the role of Global South aesthetic and language paradigms in the art making processes with Latino communities (2) arts based exploration of expressive arts in the virtual space and emerging digital arts/technology to inform clinical practice, supervision and pedagogy (3) the role of the grass-roots social movements using the arts, specifically performance art.


PhD Dissertation: "From the source - the strega unmasked" Expressive Arts Therapy and Collective Theatre Making; The role of the witch in the female imagination 

MA Thesis:"Hush..." Exploring the roles of the Virgin, the Whore and Silence in Latina Self Awareness: A Case Study using Drama Therapy and Playwriting


Ph.D., European Graduate School, Switzerland
M.A., New York University
M.S.W., New York University
B.A., Muhlenberg College

Licensed Creative Arts Therapist (LCAT)
Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW)
Registered Expressive Arts Therapist (REAT)
Registered Drama Therapist (RDT)