Amanda Wager

Associate Professor

Professor Amanda Wager

Amanda's educational background and scholarship is informed by 15 years of experience as an educator in the United States, Peru, Canada, and the Netherlands. She taught children, youth and adults from diverse backgrounds in formal and informal learning spaces. As a recent awardee of Lesley’s Junior Faculty Fellowship, she is continuing research on the use of the arts as a tool for language learning in public schools within the Boston area.

She has presented and published internationally on her research interests: feminist/critical/public pedagogy, applied theatre, youth studies, multicultural education, research-based theatre, and additional language learning. Amanda’s passion lies in building safe spaces in which individuals can creatively and critically co-construct pedagogy. She teaches in the Language and Literacy  programs. 

Amanda was one of the speakers at a 2018 Lesley-hosted dual-language conference sponsored by the Multistate Association for Bilingual Educators, with colleagues Meg Burns and Laura Schall-Leckrone. Read more


BFA, Emerson College
MAT, Dominican University
PhD, University of British Columbia

Selected Publications

Selected Presentations

  • Goessling, K. & Wager, A. C. (May, 2017). Opening up Places of Possibilities through Arts-Based Methods with Urban Youth, for the Thirteenth International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, USA.
  • Wager, A. C. (April, 2015). Drama on the streets: Literacy as advocacy work with street youth. American Educational Research Association. Chicago, USA.
  • Wager, A. C. & Wessels, A. (April, 2014). Drama with street youth: Visual methodology dialogues across distance. American Educational Research Association. Philadelphia, USA.
  • Perry, M., Wessels, A., & Wager, A.C. (July, 2013). From playbuilding to devising in literacy education: Aesthetic and pedagogical approaches. Workshop Presentation. 8th World Congress of the International Drama/Theatre and Education Association. Paris, France.
  • Wager, A. & Rogers, T. (April, 2012). Shifting identity positions: Arts-based educational practices with street youth. American Educational Research Association. University of British Columbia, Vancouver. Canada.
  • Rogers, T., Schroeter, S., Wager, A., & Hauge, C. (April, 2011). Informal learning among street youth: Identities, alternative pedagogies, new literacies, and public life. American Educational Research Association. New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.
  • Wager, A. (July, 2009). Dreaming and reflecting: Exploring the place, meaning and future of research-based theatre. Paper/performance presented within panel “Critical reflections, future directions: Examining an elementary class's journey with Shakespeare through research-based theatre” (Beck, J., Belliveau, G., Conrad, D., Lea, G., & Wager, A.) at International Drama Education Research Institute. Sydney, Australia.


  • Wager, A. C. (April, 2017). Learning out of the Ordinary: Ethnotheatre as engaging pedagogy. The 38th Annual Ethnography in Education Research Forum. Penn Graduation School of Education, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.
  • Wager, A. C. (February, 2017). Ethnotheatre as engaging pedagogy: Critical multimodal literacies with street youth. NYU Forum on Educational Theatre 2017. New York University Steinhardt, New York City, New York, USA.
  • Wager, A. C., & Schroeter, S. (November, 2016). Unpacking ethical dilemmas through critical multimodal literacies: Process drama in a Grade 9 Social Studies Classroom. Literacy Research Association, Nashville, Tennessee, USA.
  • Wager, A. (October, 2016). Multimodal literacies in the bilingual early childhood classroom (Grades PreK-8). 27th Annual Literacy for All, Northeast PreK-8 Literacy Conference and Reading Recovery Institute. Rhode Island Convention Center, Providence, Rhode Island, USA.
  • Sajnani, N. & Wager, A. (August, 2016). The role of playback theater in conversations about race in higher education. American Alliance for Theatre & Education. Boston, Massachusetts, USA.
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  • Schroeter, S. & Wager, A. C. (May, 2014). Blurring boundaries: Using drama to examine 17th Century witch-hunts. Language & Literacy Researchers of Canada, Congress 2014. Brock University, St. Catharine’s, Canada.
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  • Wager, A. (June, 2012). Hidden pedagogies at play: Participatory performance ethnography with street youth. Public Ethnography Conference. Royal Roads University, Victoria, Canada.
  • Wager, A. (February, 2012). Learning out of the ordinary: Street youth using applied theatre for change. Festival of Original Theatre. University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.