Multicultural Affairs & Student Inclusion

The Multicultural Affairs and Student Inclusion Office leads the Lesley community in creating a campus that promotes our students’ individual and collective success. We’re dedicated to excellence in all matters related to diversity, inclusion, and equity, and we’re committed to helping students feel connected to life at Lesley through programming, advocacy, leadership development, and community involvement.

Goals for our community

  • Provide educational opportunities for all students within the Lesley community on matters related to race, cultural diversity, and inclusion.
  • Support students of color and students with marginalized identities throughout their college experience at Lesley.
  • Reinforce a culture of collaboration, coalition building, and shared mission around issues of social justice.
  • Establish forums for dialogue on critical social issues, like racism, homophobia, poverty, and oppression.
  • Create spaces for community conversations in response to local, regional, and national events where those of marginalized identities are directly, or indirectly, harmed as a result of discrimination or bias incidents.

Programs & Services

Participate in one of these events throughout the year.

  • Desayuno: A community breakfast
  • Monthly heritage celebrations
  • Diversity dialogue
  • Sankofa Lecture Series

Ways to Get Involved

Be a voice for the community through student organizations.

  • Multicultural Student Advisory Council (MSAC)
  • Affinity groups
  • Discover more opportunities on LUCONNECT.
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