Choice is a powerful thing—especially when it comes to your education. With so many interests and passions, you’re not looking for just any cookie-cutter bachelor’s degree program. You want something more meaningful. More personal. In other words, you want options. And at Lesley, you’ll find them. Lots of them. Discover the possibilities. Make your program a perfect fit.

Self-Designed Programs

Maybe the academic discipline you’re interested in doesn’t exist yet. With a self-designed major, you can combine studies to develop your own plan. If you have a minimum GPA of 3.0, you can apply to the program in your second semester.

When you apply, you’ll submit a program proposal that includes:

  • A personal statement
  • A description of your intended concentration, why this focus of study makes sense, and how it meets your learning goals
  • Potential independent studies or internships you plan to pursue

View Program of Study

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Contact an admissions counselor.

Double Majors

Combine your studies through any of Lesley’s 32 undergraduate programs across the arts, education, counseling, and more. Want something a bit more structured? Choose from our dual BFA / BA and BFA / BS programs offered through the College of Art and Design and College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Three-Year Degrees

Finish your bachelor’s degree requirements in three years by taking courses during our summer and January terms. You can decide to enroll in Fall or Spring semester of your first year.

To earn the 120 credits you need to graduate, choose from three accelerated study options, including:

  • Earning 15 to 18 credits a semester for six semesters.
  • Earning 3 credits in three consecutive January intersessions linked to summer study
  • Earning up to 12 credits in two summer options

You can also earn credits through independent coursework, internships, study abroad, and field placement opportunities.

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Fill out the Three-Year Degree Intent to Enroll Form.

Honors Program

Join a community of highly ambitious students, and gain extensive mentorship from faculty while participating in intensive projects, seminars, and cultural experiences. Depending on your area of study, choose from two programs offered by the College of Art and Design and College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Honors Program

Explore subject areas that interest you at a deeper level, with more faculty guidance and support. Get to know fellow honors students in two linked courses during your first semester at Lesley. Through projects and smaller honors seminars, form close bonds with classmates and mentorship relationships with faculty. You’ll also discover opportunities to pursue learning outside the classroom through cultural and educational activities, from plays and concerts to discussion groups.

As an incoming student, you’ll be invited into this course based on your academic promise. You may also be invited to join later based on your academic record.

College of Art and Design Honors Program

The Honors Program at the College of Art and Design, encourages you to explore interdisciplinary studio practice through collaborative experiences, both inside and outside of the classroom. Through project-based courses, focused workshops, and special events, you’ll fuel your artistic production and further your professional development. While receiving close mentorship from faculty, you’ll also work to develop your own skills as a peer advisor and leader.

As an incoming student, you’ll be invited into this course based on your academic promise.